I know it’s been a while…

November 6th, 2011 at 4:59am

But time was a necessary step to follow everything that’s been going on. Just touching base with everyone and letting everyone know a few things, in light of the last year and recent circumstances:

First, Woolgather is very much alive and well – with hoards of new material to support future efforts. I have been putting together a collection of new songs that I will be putting on an upcoming acoustic record.

Second, performances will continue in the near future, so be sure to follow Woolgather on Facebook and Twitter (or whatever you like to do) – as well as follow Woolgatherband.com.

Third, there will be a side project that I am going to bring into fruition soon. It is simply an extension of Woolgather – what I like to call the “Mr. Hyde of Woolgather.” This new and exciting side-project will be known as Diamond Dialogue – and this will not be something you’ve heard from us before – of course, it will be laced with hints of Woolgather’s inspiration.  There will be guest musicians, a handful of the great artists we’ve met over the years, guest vocals, an array of instrumentation, and a medley of unique blends of powerful genres that influence us as human beings today.

Stick around, this is going to be when I will need you, the fans who got us here, to be as active as possible in this process and their outcomes. I love you all dearly, and I await the day I am back on stage in front of your beautiful faces.