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And then there were three..

September 21st, 2013 at 11:33pm

We’d like to introduce you to Woolgather’s new bass-master, Taylor Jones. Taylor will be joining Jesse and myself from here on out on our journey, and will accompany us to the studio to craft and record our upcoming, self-titled third record, and many more to come. We know you’ll all welcome him as he plays a key role in Woolgather’s core structure, and in the striking new songs that we are introducing to the world.

More updates are right around the corner. ;) “Woolgather” will be recorded in Austin, TX and released in 2014, and there will be many goodies and giveaways before that, so stick around!



“Dream in all directions.”

New album, website, dates, and information!

September 3rd, 2013 at 5:56pm

We are hard at work gathering all the tools and resources we can for the new record, and for redesigning the entire website, here at

Our third record will be self-titled, and will be the most stunning, powerful, and evolved material to date. It will see a mid 2014 release. I am now joined by my brothers, Jesse King and Taylor Jones, who will both kick off Woolgather’s second chapter, and many more to come. We are working hard, and it’s all for you. Thank you to all the new listeners, and to all the new dreamers that believe in us – because we won’t let you down.

VIDEO: “Hush” (acoustic/piano version)

June 18th, 2013 at 6:02pm

VIDEO: \”Hush (The Five-Day Flood)\”

Awesome new video and lyrics of “Hush” (previously known as “Young Horse”).

*DESIGN/ARTWORK: John Radford (
*ANIMATION: Mark Winslet